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Coaching v Mentoring

I often get asked: What’s the difference between mentoring and coaching? Do both go hand in hand? How do you know if you need a mentor, a coach or both?

🏔️ As a keen hiker and lover of mountains Clutterbucks’ analogy provides the perfect clarification.

🏔️ ‘It is like climbing the side of a mountain. While we are struggling up the steep bits we are breathless, challenged, single-minded, and in need of some support and sustenance. Technically there may be some moves that we can only make roped up to someone else. It is here that the mentoring process comes into its own. Coaching can help us move along the relatively level ground to the next big challenge. When we face a cliff we need help that will enable us to exercise new skills, new strategies, new perspectives’

If you would like to chat about what best fits your needs, drop me a DM and let’s have a chat


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