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FSB Networking

Another great hour networking with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) this morning and meeting some great business owners and hearing some very interesting / funny stories from some of the ‘people businesses’. 👀

Hisashi Kuboyama took the pleasure of putting me on the spot with less than a minute to tell him why Emotional Intelligence is so important in the workplace…. So here’s my quick overview of why!

🪄 Emotional intelligence is important in the workplace because it allows employees to better manage their emotions, understand the emotions of their colleagues, and make decisions and solve problems more effectively.

🪄It also helps to create a more harmonious work environment and encourages collaboration and cooperation.

🪄 Emotional intelligence also helps to reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, and boost morale.

🪄 Finally, it helps to build trust and respect among employees, which is essential for a successful working relationship.

💡But don’t forget Emotional Intelligence isn’t just for the workplace, it impacts our everyday lives also!

If you are interested in improving your emotional intelligence and making a positive impact in your life and in the workplace in 2023, get in touch and let's talk about undertaking an Emotional Intelligence Assessment and building strategies to enable you to improve.


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