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National Mentoring Day 2022

As part of National Mentoring Day 2022 I’d like to:

🫂 Recognise Marie-Louise Chandler (CMgr FCMI, CQP, SIIRSM) for her positive contribution to workplace wellbeing and consistently promoting and encouraging leaders to build healthier workplace environments. I’d also like to recognise her for her continued support, guidance and friendship over the years.

🫂Thank Steve Holliday for his encouragement and support during my transition from the corporate world to the solopreneur world. Your words of wisdom and guidance have made a huge impact on my journey. I’d also like to thank Scott Watson, Mr Emotional Intelligence®️ for his continued support, time and effort to enable me to develop my EQ skills. And lastly I'd like to thank all the amazing members of Revitalise Connecting People Limited for making me feel like I belong to something amazing.

🫂 If you would like a free mentoring session between 10:00 - 11:00 this morning drop me a DM

‘One word, one hour, one person can be all that’s needed to effect a positive change in someone’

❓💓❓ Tell me, what will you do today to make a positive difference in someone. ❓💓❓

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