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Patience is a virtue

A regular quote from my mother to her very impatient daughter ‘Patience is a virtue’

Growing up I was always very impatient, never willing to wait and usually ending up in trouble! Thankfully I’ve learned to develop the skills that enable me to take control of my emotions and practise patience.

Do you ever:

🟠 Become easily frustrated when tasks take longer than expected.

🟠Frequently interrupt conversations and become easily annoyed when people don't understand the first time.

🟠Take shortcuts without considering the long-term implications.

🟠Struggle to stay organised and miss deadlines.

🟠Feel overwhelmed and quickly become disheartened when things don't happen as quickly as you'd like.

Like me, you may lack patience and this can negatively impact your life and the people around you!

Improving your emotional intelligence can help you exercise more patience by giving you greater insight into your emotional triggers and reactions.

You can learn to recognise when you are feeling impatient and develop strategies for managing your emotions. This can include learning to pause, take a deep breath, and become aware of your thoughts and feelings.

If this sounds like you, consider undertaking an Emotional Intelligence Assessment to identify and address the underlying causes of your impatience, such as feeling overwhelmed or not having enough control over the situation. These strategies can help you to manage your emotions and practise patience more effectively.


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