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Say No

⛔ I’m not available ⛔

How many times have you found yourself saying yes

- to people,

- to another task,

- to another job,

- to that friend that takes and never gives

but really you wanted to say No, I’m not available.

This is an area I’ve been exploring a lot lately.

🟠 Did you know, the fear of saying NO stems from the urge to avoid conflicts and the fear of disappointing or hurting the person's feelings.

🟠 When you say NO to someone you are potentially setting yourself up for a loss of approval or acceptance from that person.

When I first started practising saying NO, without explanation!! (that's another post!)I felt it in my gut, I could honestly feel my stomach turn, my heart rate increased and I became flushed.

And then I started to realise the benefits of saying NO:

✔️ I started to VALUE ME more

✔️ I started to PRIORITISE ME, my time and my needs


✔️ When I say NO, I open up opportunities to say YES to new opportunities and have less regret in my life. 🪄

If this resonates with you and you want to take back your time and energy and start setting boundaries with people around you, drop me a DM and let’s have a chat about how we can work together.


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