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Setting Boundaries

🗣️ Ok, come on, tell me....... how many of you set boundaries yesterday and said NO to someone or something and how did it make you feel? Drop me a message and let me know ⬇️

🗣️ Let's talk a little more about setting boundaries. Setting Boundaries enables you to protect your physical and emotional health, set healthy relationships and keep your self-respect.

Here’s some tips to help you set and maintain your boundaries

🟠 Identify your values

🟠 Set clear boundaries

🟠 Communicate your boundaries

🟠 Take responsibility for your boundaries

🟠 Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’

🟠 Take care of yourself

Check out the short video clip for a little more guidance. I hope these will help you become a little more comfortable setting your boundaries.

I'd love to know your thoughts ⬇️


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