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So what’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) all about?

🟠 Would you like to be more successful in life?

🟠 Would you like to be able to build better relationships, be more effective and have a better quality of life?

If so, developing your emotional intelligence can enable you to be more successful!

🧠💖⚖️ So what’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) all about?

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing information on what Emotional Intelligence is, the EQ-i Model we use for assessment and the benefits improving your emotional intelligence has on life and work.

Let’s kick off 2023 by gaining an understanding of what EQ is!

Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we:

🟠 Perceived and express ourselves

🟠 Develop and maintain relationships’

🟠 Cope with challenges and

🟠 Use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

Putting it very simply, emotional intelligence is all about being smarter with feelings. It’s about being able to blend thinking and feeling so you can make better decisions. It’s about being ‘people smart’, about relating to yourself and others.

Emotional Intelligence skills are critical for building teams, resolving conflicts, solving problems and leading teams and organisations.

🟠 If you are interested in improving your emotional intelligence and making a positive impact in your life and in the workplace in 2023, get in touch and let's talk about undertaking an Emotional Intelligence Assessment and building strategies to enable you to improve.


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