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Time Management


Are you struggling with managing your time and prioritising tasks? ⌚

Improving your time management skills will help you prioritise tasks so that you have enough time to complete each task resulting in you:

🟣Producing better quality of work

🟣Meeting deadlines

🟣Feeling more in control and less stressed

Here’s some tips to help you improve your time management skills:

🟣Don’t rely on your memory. Even if you have a superhuman memory, it’s always a good idea to write everything down. Writing things down can serve as a reminder so you don’t forget the important things when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

🟣Remove Distraction. This can be social media, that coworker that always wants a chat or the constant ping of emails. Use the Do Not Disturb function on your phone and computer. Set it for 30 - 40 minute intervals to allow you to focus.

🟣Find your peak performance time. Break your typical day into four segments. Rank your productivity for each segment from ‘most to least’ over a week. Your most productive time segment is your peak performance time.

🟣Create a time budget that details how you want to spend your hours during a typical week. Include both your to-do list (the "musts") and those things you would like to do (the "wants").

🟣Avoid multitasking - While the idea of attempting to do more than one task simultaneously may seem brilliant, in practice, it’s the complete opposite. Multitasking is known to actually lower your productivity as it diminishes your focus and attention and things become more difficult and take longer to complete.

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